Marketing To Subdivisions & Zip Codes
Creating Maximum Levels Of Branding
And Becoming A Household Name


Our business service is very simple. We employ two principal strategies (no-click retargeting and pre-roll videos) to promote your business to thousands of subdivision-specific, or zip code-specific prospects with the purpose of making them your customers.  

With our NO-CLICK RETARGETING service first we build an online "audience of people" whom we know are specifically interested in your services in your designated subdivision or zip code and then we repeatedly market to them. We "follow" them and display your marketing message continuously and sequentially to promote and reinforce your name and your brand. We can even rotate different ads for variety's sake. In so doing, we can make YOU  or YOUR BUSINESS a household name in your desired subdivision or zip,code..

By "follow" we mean that we have the ability to display your ad to the same prospect repeatedly as he navigates throughout the internet. You might have noticed that you see certain ads over and over yourself as you traverse the internet. This occurence is not a coincidence. It is a strategy called "No-Click Retargeting".and it is a very effective way of creating and sustaining name and brand awareness for any type of business.

With PRE-ROLL VIDEOS we create and display a video ad featuring your brand to thousands of prospects by running the video ad "in front of" high volume, specifically targeted YouTube videos and throughout the Google Display Network (GDN)..

Our marketing campaigns and promotions have proven to be highly effective and produce the kinds of results you want and expect. Businesses in all categories and in every part of the country are now routinely utilizing "No-Click Retargeting" and "Pre-Roll Videos" because they work.

Every month we will promote your brand to people interested in your products or services in your chosen subdivision or zip code. We offer a custom solution no matter what your marketplace, product or service is by carefully constructing your campaign to maximize your results.

Lock out competitors by using this tool. Claim your subdivision or zip code now before it is taken because we limit each subdivision to just one (1) subscriber and each zip code to only 5 subscibers. Once a subdivision or zip code is subscribed, you will have to be put on a waiting list until it becomes available at an unknowm future time. Or, you can choose a different subdivision/zip code.  Prices start as low as $40/mo per subdivision or $60/mo per zip code.

To get started and to discuss the details, please call us. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions.