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And Becoming A Household Name
Getting Started


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We serve every Realtor exclusively on an individualized basis. Simply filling in an online form and submitting it DOES NOT assure you of a successful campaign. A one-size-fits-all approach assures you,of nothing but the fact that you will spend your money, probably unsuccessfully.

If your desired subdivision or zip code is available and you wish to proceed, we will need the following information:

(01.) your name
(02.) your company/business name

(03.) your desired subdivision(s) or zip code(s)
(04.) your city, state and zip
(05.) your photo (optional)

(06.) your website
(07.) your phone numbers (office, cell, personal/private/ fax)
(08.) your best email address
(09.) your "tag line" or motto
(10.) first and last month's payment (starting as low as $40/mo)
(11.) an automatic billing agreement thru PayPal


For Retargeting Services

We will create three different-sized ad banners
because different sites accept different-sized
ads: 300 X 250 pixels (most widely used), 160 X 600 pixels and
720 X 98. If you don't have at least 3 banner ad sizes you
will lose valuable traffic. We will also create alternative adsin 3 different sizes to rotate for variety's sake

For YouTube Pre-Roll Video Services

We will create a short videoscribe (a hand writing a message on a whiteboard) message scientifically  designed to capture a propsect's attention at a very low cost  

There is no long-term contract to sign